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We Concentrate Our Practice in :
Corporate Law and Investment

Capital Market

Banking and Finance

Intelectual Property Rights

Property and Land Law


Taxation Services

Proxy Services

Translation Services

Offshore Companies
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Our Law Firm strenght is in the area of Capital Market Laws, Investment Laws Banking , Trade and Finance Laws, Land and Properties Laws, Contracts Laws and Corporate laws.
Herewith the summary of our strenght area
1. Corporate Law and Investment
Establishment of an Indonesian company in accordance with the foreign and/or domestic investment regulations (among others, establish representative offices, technical assistance, licensing, franchising and distribution arrangements, restructuring of companies, sale and purchase of shares, change of top level management, merger and acquisition, liquidation, and so on). Gracia Law Firm provides a comprehensive range of services necessary for the establishment and operation of a legal presence in Indonesia, which includes the drafting of applications for investment approvals and business permits, as well as the drafting of articles of association and other necessary corporate documents. We will also assist in drafting and negotiating documentation and effectively interfacing with the Indonesian government to implement our client’s proposal and businesses
2. Capital Market
Among others, with a scope for establishing license of a security company, initial public offering, bonds, employment stock ownership plan, standard capital market procedures, public investment funds, implementing the good corporate governance and conducting legal due diligence
3. Banking and Finance
Preparation of loan agreements, syndication loan, factoring agreement, due diligence, settlement on dispute resolution, investigation on asset and debt restructuring. Also advising the Directors regarding the duty of care, compliance with the Bank Central regulation and increasing the awareness of legal risk in the Banking and Finance
4. Intellectual Property Rights
Registration of Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Design, Integrated Circuit, Trade Secrecy and Patents, as well as assisting our clients to solve any infringement matters
5. Property and Land Law
With general scope in the preparation of deeds (for a land conveyance), for sale of houses (land certificates) and apartments, investigation of land certificate validity and provision of advice in mortgage and other land matters
6. Litigation
Representing clients before the Indonesian courts concerning commercial, bankruptcy and civil matters. Also represent client in the tribunal arbitration system based on the national (BANI) and international (ICC)
7. Taxation services
Our lawyers have been active in the taxation services, either National or International Tax laws
8. Proxy Services
Not only representing clients before the Indonesian courts but also outside the court for all civil matters. We may also act as the representative for undertaking businesses and services in relation to, among other things, share registration, attending general meetings, and reporting of corporate actions
9. Translation Services
Our sworn translators also ready to serve our clients translate documents originally written in English, Dutch to bahasa Indonesia, vice versa
10. Offshore companies
Our firm own skill and networking in establishing an offshore company in the Tax heaven countries and also in the non tax heaven country but has the special states or province with tax heaven facilities