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We Concentrate Our Practice in :
Corporate Law and Investment

Capital Market

Banking and Finance

Intelectual Property Rights

Property and Land Law


Taxation Services

Proxy Services

Translation Services

Offshore Companies
We Concentrate Our Practice in Corporate Law and Investment, Capital Market, Banking and Finance, Intelectual Property, Rights Property and Land Law Litigation, Taxation Services, Proxy Services, Translation Services,Offshore Companies
Gracia Law Firm is a legal consultant firm in Indonesia. Fundamentally managed by two lawyers, the firm thrives to provide top quality services with commitment to professionalism.
Quality Legal Service and Value
Gracia Law Firm aims to establish and build a solid and continuous relationship with each of its clients, understanding each of their particular business needs, as well as to provide real value services through the efficient and prompt delivery of service and advice in a manner which helps clients to achieve their objectives. Gracia Law Firm recognizes that, while high quality is essential, its services must also be cost-effective and provide value. Therefore, Gracia Law Firm balances the cost of its work, the costs of the solutions it recommends and the benefits to be derived by its clients. We are always pleased to discuss fees and billing procedure in advance of undertaking any assignment. We continuously monitor new legal and business developments and will advice clients when their interests may be affected.
Cooperative Team Approach
Consultation and cooperation are basic elements of the firmís work ethic. Gracia Law Firm is proud of its teamwork and collegiality and derives great strength from being a true partnership of lawyers. This environment fosters a free and open exchange of ideas and facilitates the development of creative solutions to client problems. More over, Gracia Law Firm applies the problem solving of the client needs based on our practical knowledge, experience and cooperation with specific expertise of the business sector.
Client Relationship
The success of its client will be linked with the future of Gracia Law Firm, and wherever possible, we will identify ideas and opportunities that will benefit them. All of the Gracia Law Firm resources, including our associate office in Holland, International Lawyers Network and its network of private and public sector contacts, are available to serve our client need. Our Lawyers assemble the skills within Firm necessary to provide full service in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
Multinational Capabilities
Gracia Law firm provides the legal services in cooperation with International Team, which has an association office of Udink & De Jong, Attorney and Tax Lawyers, located in The Hague, The Netherlands. The Law Firm of Udink and De Jong is one of the prominent Law Firm in The Hague, the Netherlands and member of the International Lawyers Network. Therefore we have an International Networking with universal atmosphere, which allow instant sharing information and a common collaborative culture in order to allow the free exchange of ideas for easy access to the expertise of other member of International Lawyers Network.